New list of shows where we will be

  • July 4 VENTURA. Main st.
  • August 11 CARLSBAD Art Fair
  • August 17,18. SAN CLEMENTE Art Show near library
  • September 7,8 SEAL BEACH Art show
  • October 5,6. MANHATTAN BEACH

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Studio wall

Art by Nairobi Tony

The truth was presented to me in the form of a donut

Outsider artists often are aware of their peripheral position I. Relation to the

I would like to sign a contract with one of the  quality art book publishers like Taschen or Rizzolli or someone of similar reputation, but a voice in my head tells me that is not ever going to happen.


Schedule of shows

Show schedule for NTKS


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Soap bubbles xeroxed by Nairobi Tony….
When he was all like cosmic and mystic.

Color Xerox Experiments by Nairobi Tony

Color Xerox Art by Nairobi Tony…part of the experiments

from around 1982.The 6500 color copier allowed the artist to create uncounted experimental works until the late 80’s when the

new and improved digital machines replaced every single one of them in every  zip code in the country. NO more analog  6500 color copies…no more color Xerox art experiments…